One-To-One Swimming Technique Programme is FOR those who can swim and would like to improve/correct their swimming technique and swim with the sense of effortless motion (club swimmers, triathletes, open water swimmers but not only).

Swimming Technique Programme:

  • refreshes knowledge,
  • cultivates balance & core strength,
  • focuses on breathing to tune-in with a body,
  • shows how to use joins in a full range of motion,
  • engage muscles in a different way,
  • loose those tight spots,
  • shows strong and weak points,
  • incorporate proper shoulder work,
  • gives a set of exercises designed to help in specific situations,
  • helps to train, exercise with a purpose,
  • gives the sense of effortless motion,
  • and more…

50m Front Crawl TEST - check where you are

I recommend to do 50m Front Crawl Swim Test as a progress test. We count Stroke Cycles during the distance and we try to keep the HR at a certain level. You can do that test and you will know where you are.
I deffinitely suggest One-To-One Swimming Technique Programme to anyone who’s Stroke Cycles count is higher in Front Crawl than 19 per 50m. The count may vary because of the gender, height and age.
Remember during increase of speed or fatigue we have a tendency to add strokes, that’s why the HR level is so important. In the test we are looking for a long, comfortable stroke. The speed comes with it. Give yourself time as you might start using muscles that need to adjust to a new situation. I recommend doing this test once per month, but it can be done as often as you want even during your training sessions.

Programme can be done in 3 SESSIONS. Although, it may extend - depends of ability and skill level

I recommend 2-3 sessions to cover whole knowledge about stroke. During those sessions there will be approx. 3-5 drills per session, which need to be practised to improve and progress. After 3rd session there are more specific and distance drills. Be prepared that we will spend some time in one area of the pool (shallow or deep end) to check fundaments.

Swimming Instructor/Coach: Barbara Nalewko